Image of the video game The Godfather II
The Godfather II2023-10-17T17:02:53+02:00
Title of video game Grandpa and the developers' name at the left of the image, on the right side, there's a picture of a grandpa sitting on a wheelchair and next to him his granddaughter standing and showing a fish she just caught.
Image of the video game Yo-kai Watch 3, in which there are several Yo-kai building a wooden raft together with Nathan.
Yo-kai Watch 32023-11-15T19:17:24+01:00
Yo-kai Watch Blasters. A l'esquerra de la imatge hi ha els Yo-kai de la versió la Liga del gato rojo i a la part dreta els Yo-kai de la versió del Escuadrón del perro blanco.
Yo-kai Watch Blasters2023-11-15T19:17:42+01:00
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